pdftops upgrade


I'm trying to upgrade pdftops version from version 0.12.4

to version 0.14.3 or newer

In one of mine virtual machine I've intalled Ubuntu that has the 0.14.3 version of pdftops.

But here in my Linode virtual machine I've Debian,

I've already tried to upgrade xpdf and poppler, but they are at already are at the newest version.

And so the pdftops keep to the 0.12.4 version

What can I do to upgrade pdftops?

Thanks in advance!

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Unless you really need a feature of the latest version I wouldn't upgrade.

However if you really need to, check the debian backports repository, if not you may have to compile and install it yourself.

I'll explain you better what I need.

I need to create an eps with pdftops for my client that need to open it in Adobe Illustrator on Windows to check if it is all ok and change something.

When I create it in Ubuntu all works fine and my client can open it in Illustrator but when I create the eps in Debian with the other older version of pdtops my client in Illustrator get the error that the fonts are not correct.

Do you think that it is a problem of version?

Can you help me?

Unless you're certain that the problem is fixed by upgrading to the new version (and isn't due to differences in environment, configuration, which packages are installed, etc), sticking with the distribution-provided version is usually the easiest way to go. There is no automatic way to upgrade to a newer version: you get the version that was current at the time of your distribution's release, with patches for security and bug fixes as required.

You might want to check out the Debian bug tracker, since this sounds like it could be a bug.


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