Help please - complicated server architecture

Please help. Thank you in advance.

I'm not sure why this is so complicated, but a few system admins have said they do not know exactly how to set it up well.

I'm not a sysadmin - just someone who is in the market to hire one who knows what they're talking about and can set this up properly.

I have 2 sites - a test site and the main site. I have a few MySQL databases that my site relies on to run - without them my site is useless. I have Solr & Lucene for search and also Tomcat and perhaps a couple other apps. I will likely either have debian or Ubuntu (can't get agreement on which is better for me).

I would like some sort of Failover (and possibly Load balancing if it doesn't create further complications) for my main site so if there is a problem, another server will take over.

Someone has suggested the following set up:

1- Server A: Main site (Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Lucene, Solr)

2- Server B: Search server - Replica of A

3- Server C: Test site - Replica of A without replication configs

4- Server D: LB/FO for Web, MySQL and Solr + Zabbix

But he said that Solr doesn't support Multi Master configurations and Linode deosn't seem to support SAN. He also said that Solr doesn't have automaster support.

Any ideas on how to set this up effectively (so that it is also secure and not going to falter often) ?

(supposedly floating IP's and DNS round robins are not good)


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