Is it possible to run two VMs from one public IP

I'd like to run an existing Ubuntu (x32) and a new Ubuntu x64. I have already created the new disk images but not sure how to get both up and running. Is it possible to do it using the same Ip?

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You can only boot one configuration profile at a time per Linode. While you can configure more than one Linode to be able to bring up a given IP address (for HA configurations), you cannot run more than one server instance simultaneously on a given Linode.

Or you could chroot the 32-bit one under the 64-bit one.

Even more crazy: run OpenVZ inside your Linode, and fire up as many VMs as you want. It would be actually quite fun to see 8 x 64MB VMs running inside a Linode 512, although disk contention would be terrible.


In some crazy case you can do the reverse. Setup your 32-bit linode normally then switch the kernel to a 64-bit one. Once you do that you can setup a 64-bit chroot.

I know it's nuts but it does work. There are others that also run it like that where they have 64-bit kernel space and 32-bit user space arrangements.

Obviously it's probably preferred to have it the other way around.

Call me crazyhoss but so far this post has the best fit for my question(s). I have two configuration profiles.

Cp1 and Cp2. Cp1 is squeeze/32bit, Cp2 is wheezy/amd64. Right now I have Cp2(dev/xvdc or whatever it is) mounted as /cp2… what needs to be done(command wise) for me to 'chroot' into that to add the needed packages and 'stuffs' to migrate the settings and so forth so there will be minimal adjustment on the actual 'Cp2' boot. I have been hunting the linode library and of course the debian wiki and 'google'.. but the lack of this sitiation in a doc somehwere(sequence of needed commands) and so forth has me a bit concerned I'll louse up my existing Cp1.

and that I don't want to do.


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