Datacenter reliability comparison

would it be possible to find out what Datacenter has the least amount of outages due to the providing ISP?

  • Power

  • BGP

Our Datacenter in hawaii DRFortress had an outage due to a UPS test on Dec. 11- which rebooted all AC devices in the datacenter (200+ Racks)…

I'm just wondering what ISP Provider for linode seems to be the best one.

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I don't have hard data, but I think they are all pretty reliable apart from fremont.

Which sucks because its the closest and we have 99% of our nodes there.

We still love the linodes though

This is by no means scientific, I host my linodes in either London or Dallas. I've had a single outage in each over the past 18 months which was network hardware failure and lasted a couple of hours. Overall I have 99.99% uptime


This is by no means scientific, I host my linodes in either London or Dallas. I've had a single outage in each over the past 18 months which was network hardware failure and lasted a couple of hours. Overall I have 99.99% uptime
I have 2 linodes in Dallas and one in London myself, and I've had similar experience with these two datacenters. The only downtime I had in London was due to upgrades, including one migration due to hardware failure (ie. the host server was about to fail).

You can add my recommendation as well for both Dallas and London.

Thanks… Seems like Dallas is the place to be.

I'm assuming was doing a UPS test (Sunday 1am) and the test went bad, that's how it happened in Hawaii for our DC.

I've never had a forced powerdown in Newark since the beginning, in almost two years. Uptimes of one year on some boxes. All the issues I remember were network outages, and the longest one I've noticed was about 30 minutes, if not less.

Steady 110ms to my corner of Europe, and obviously much less to USA-local users.

Just my $0.02.

EDIT: Looked at the calendar. Still a few weeks to two years, so "almost". ;)

London FTW! Its up since I signed up! 290+ days on both my linodes on different hosts and counting!

About the only thing I can contribute to this thread is that there's not enough information about the other datacenters to determine which has the fewest power-related outages. As far as I can recall, the other four are tied at zero for datacenter-wide power outages.

Network might be another story; someone with more free time could probably analyze historic BGP data and see how often the announcements go away. The differences are probably statistically insignificant over realistic (year+) time frames.

As an aside, always remember that it could be worse. (That one is still ongoing.)

FWIW, I quickly went through, ignored the plan maintenance, and compiled the following:

ALL US  2010/08/25 Networking (DoS against all facilities)

Atlanta 2010/02/08 Networking
Atlanta 2010/10/02 Networking 
Atlanta 2011/05/10 Networking
Atlanta 2011/06/03 Networking emergency work, secondary routing
Atlanta 2011/07/22 Networking

Dallas  2010/05/04 Networking
Dallas  2010/05/05 Networking (DoS)
Dallas  2010/05/23 Networking
Dallas  2010/05/31 Networking
Dallas  2010/06/02 Networking
Dallas  2010/06/09 Networking (DoS)
Dallas  2010/06/11 Networking (DoS)
Dallas  2010/11/01 Networking 
Dallas  2010/11/12 Networking
Dallas  2011/01/17 Networking

Fremont 2010/03/11 Networking
Fremont 2010/06/01 Networking (DoS)
Fremont 2010/06/21 Networking (DoS)
Fremont 2010/06/23 Networking 
Fremont 2010/07/03 Networking
Fremont 2010/11/20 Power (multi-day issues; damaged machines)
Fremont 2010/11/23 Power
Fremont 2010/12/12 Networking (maintenance issues)
Fremont 2011/05/06 Power (mega-storms kill PSE&G)
Fremont 2011/08/07 Power

London  2010/09/07 Networking 
London  2011/06/03 Networking

Newark  2010/01/15 Networking
Newark  2010/03/01 Networking 
Newark  2010/03/30 Networking (DoS)
Newark  2010/04/28 Networking
Newark  2010/05/18 Networking
Newark  2010/07/22 Networking

The Multi-Day outage, does anyone remember that?

Fremont 2010/11/20 Power (multi-day issues; damaged machines)

Did you guys migrate to Dallas and then back to Fremont?

Was the whole data center down for days?? or just random outages?

See … s-rfo.html">

and … ivity.html"> and … emont.html"> for details

is linode in Fremont 1 and Fremont 2 for HE.Net?

To the best of my knowledge, FMT1 only.

Incidentally, Atlanta had a power outage in January 2008 and then a partial one that May. I don't know of any other power issues at any of the data centers, which is not to say there weren't any. I just happened to run across those 2 threads.

This is not to be critical of Atlanta – seems like that was just bad luck, and they've fixed whatever problems they were -- but just because I think it's interesting.

Fremont is the only one with questionable power at the moment. :-\ At least the RFO sounds promising.

Dallas … have two linode there over 12 months … no issues so far



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