ClamAV Crashing/Being Killed frequently.

I have a problem with ClamAV where by its constantly crashing and/or being killed and not being started again until done so manually. This is causing my mail to backup in the queue.

The problem has started to get worse and seems to crash/be killed every day, sometimes several times in a day.

Sometimes when i restart ClamAV it gets killed during the startup process

root@velocity:~# /etc/init.d/clamav-daemon restart
 * Stopping ClamAV daemon clamd
/sbin/start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 17197: No such process
                                                                         [ OK ]
 * Starting ClamAV daemon clamd                                                 

And others it will say its started, i'll then issue the command "postfix flush" and 5 minutes down the line ClamAV has been killed again. ClamAV also causes quite a spike in disk and CPU usage.

I think im probably looking just to disable ClamAV altogether, i have tried this once before but to no avial as i couldnt get postfix to stop attempting to scan mail. Does anyone know how to disable it without causing further disruption to my mail?

This is running on a unbutu 10.04 system following the ISPConfig guide in the linode library.

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I'm suspecting it is causing your system to run out of RAM. Try running "vmstat 1" while you try to start ClamAV; I bet swpd spikes up and/or free+buff+cache plummets until it gets killed by the oom-killer, at which point it becomes happy again.

ClamAV is a huge memory hog in my experience, so… as hoopycat said. :)


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