Atlanta Data Center Website Hacked?

Ubuntu users, can you visit

On windows and mac we see the site just fine.

but on (3) ubuntu machines, (2) different networks and Chrome or Firefox we see cialis ads.

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1. linode servers are there so it would be a concern.

2. this forum has linux users - so it would be a good sounding board.

but thanks for the help.

It appears to depend on the User-Agent sent with the request.

curl -i website, reveals pages of ad text

while curl -A "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)" -i website, does not

I don't know if that means they have been "hacked" but it is an interesting thing nonetheless.

I did more investigating, those ads are only displayed if the User-Agent contains the word "linux".

Yeah, I see the same with Fedora 15 and Firefox 6. When I switch UA to IE 8, it disappears.

I bet it's hacked.

Thanks for the verification guys!

Those are some funky doctype and namespace declarations at the top. Looks like s/xhtml/atlanta/g. Any idea why that would ever happen?


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