If a Linode's kernel crashes...

If a Linode's kernel crashes (kernel panic, errors, etc.), will it be restarted automatically? Or the user will have to do a manual restart?.

Bye and thanks.

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Right now it'll just mark your Linode shutdown. There has been some interest in a "watchdog" facility that you could set and it would either alert you of a shutdown (via email) and/or restart your machine (with some restrictions to prevent looping).

I've just added this to the to-do list.



+1 vote for a watchdog.

On Xen nodes, state is left as Running, and CPU gets pegged. Only after 2 hours of "high cpu" will an alert be e-mailed, if the owner has set such an alert.

Since we're sharing CPU cycles, it would be in interest of everyone to automatically kill guests in this state.

I guess there are improvements to be made on Lassie for Xen Linodes, then.

http://blog.linode.com/2007/10/26/lassi … -watchdog/">http://blog.linode.com/2007/10/26/lassie-the-shutdown-watchdog/


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