Credit for referrals that didn't use referral link?

Let's say I send someone to Linode and set up their server but I don't send them an affiliate link because that lowers my credibility–especially when courting a new client. My question is, assuming they stay on with Linode for 90 days, is there a way to check up on the account names and then get credit for those people that don't show up as "completed" that I didn't give a referral link?

Right now all I see is "You have 2 total referrals: 0 completed ($0.00) and 2 pending" so hopefully when they convert to completed the referral system shows the account names because I'm thinking I may have referred more people from my website. I know for sure I have referred 3 Linodes so far to 2 clients--not sure if these are the same 2 pending or whatever. Regardless, I would like to know for future reference if I absolutely need to use a referral link for referrals.

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Unfortunately, that information is not provided (nor are we able to disclose it) as it would violate our privacy policy.

Also, you can only receive credit for people who used your referral code.




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