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I've had my sites on linode since Sept. 09. They were set up by a tech who didn't know much about Linode but said he could figure it out. He did, but then disappeared. But the reason I chose Linode is because it simply works; so I have seldomed encountered any problems that couldn't be fixed by simply rebooting.

Periodically (every few months or so, but two in the last two weeks) there have been CPU spikes which knock my one, low traffic site offline. As an end user, I can't tell if it's HE, (Hurricane Electric?) or Fremont, or Neo's* fault. (I have difficulty finding the time to do my own Art let alone try to wrap my stubborn right-brain propensities around how to diagnose a Linode crash, tweak my storage, learn about ubuntu, manage my site files, etc.

It seems there are a good number of experienced Linode aficionados here who truly dig it and enjoy thrashing through problems that occur. I simply want to find someone who, for a fair amount of green, can occasionally drop in to see what condition my (Linode) condition is in, make sure it's running efficiently, and generally, do the right stuff. Maybe you, or someone you know, does this work for a living; awesome; I need your help.

Thanks for reading and any suggestions.

*You know— "Mr. Anderson"

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I've seen this guy's service mentioned several times:

Hi We can help. We offer managed services for Linode (and other cloud providers).

We offer monitoring and vital stats that can help determine where your issue is.

We also have general consulting for application specific issues.


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