Mention of Linode in article linked from Digg … h-just.php">

Guy basically switched from coding on a laptop, to coding on an iPad while VNCing to his Linode.

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Sounds painful.

The guy must bill his clients by the minute.

I couldn't do that on an ipad….a netbook/mac book air but not an ipad…ewww


I couldn't do that on an ipad….a netbook/mac book air but not an ipad…ewww
To be fair, it's not just an iPad on its own…. He does have a wireless keyboard linked to it, plus a VGA adapter so he can connect it to his huge HD TV. The equipment he used (for coding purposes), according to the blog post: iPad 2 (16 GB + WiFi), Apple wireless keyboard, Stilgut adjustable angle stand/case, iSSH, Linode 512 (Ubuntu 11.04) and Apple VGA adapter. This setup replaced his MacBook which crashed spectacularly (to quote his blog post: "One fateful day, VMWare and OS/X conspired to trash my shared filesystem, losing several days of uncommitted code in the process."), and the new setup works out fine for him.

I actually read the article about a week ago, when Linode re-tweeted the article link. :) … 8397254657">

I read it too..all that junk to carry around when I could just have one device seems much easier, it seems to defeat the point of an ipad when you need a keyboard.


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