centOS 6.0, POSTFIX & PHP

I am complete newbie to all of this so please forgive me if my question is basic.

I have had a website moved to linode and will be taking over the basic maintenance for it. The site is PHP/MySQL and it needs to send out emails based on customer selections. The function was not working. I couldn't find a doclib on basic email gateway support on CentOS so in the end I just started the POSTFIX service to see what would happen!

To my surprise the email out functions of the website started to work. Subsequently I read the 'Host Email with Postfix, Dovecot and MySQL on CentOS 5' doclib which contains the following statement:

The version of Postfix included in the main CentOS repository does not include support for MySQL.

I didn't follow this instruction but the website now appears to working OK sending out emails.

My first question is: Does the doclib statement only apply to version 5.0 and not 6.0 as I have installed?

Secondly, at some stage I think I may have to set-up a full email server, so can I follow all the actions in the version 5.0 doclib to get it to work on version 6.0?

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I'm guessing all the SQL stuff is done in the PHP code, not by postfix itself. Postfix only needs to have support for database stuff if the recepients of e-mails are to be defined in a database and not as users on the actual system. You only send outgoing e-mails. So that reference is of no importance to you. I'd guess.


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