best way to create cloud storage with a VPS.

Hi all,

what is the best way to create a storage cloud using a VPS?

I mean something easy to access from phones or desktops.

Samba? What else?

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What do you mean by a storage cloud?

Something like Amazon S3?

Something like Dropbox?

Just a remote filesystem like NFS, Samba, or SSHFS?

If you want to access it a Linux computer, any remote filesystem would work. Things get more complicated on Windows PCs. And if you want to access it from a phone, you will probably need to build an HTTP frontend or a full-blown app.

there are mobiles that permit to load remote folder as a normal folder.

I would like to know if there is someone here using the VPS as a "cloud storage" for mobiles and what is the way they choosed.

WebDAV is a good option if you want to access from a phone, there are clients for pretty much every platform. However, doing secure WebDAV from Windows will require a client, or some form of VPN/SSH tunnel as (last time I checked) the built in client still won't do WebDAV over HTTPS.

I can't remember the client I used, but it was pretty easy to find one when I last found myself in need.

WebDAV is pretty basic in most implementations, but for simple shifting files around its perfectly adequate.


Maybe you'll want to try ownCloud.

this seems very cool. I will give it a try. thanks.

if you have more suggestions is also appreciated.

sincerely I need a cloud storage for my mobiles and not really a cloud to share files via computers and mobiles.

I noticed that Astro File Manager for Android supports SFTP very well, I will use SFTP for my cloud storage.

Ehm, linode, when will you give us some more space? :D


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