DENIC Domain Woes

I just signed up and set up my linode last night and added my domain, set everything up on the IP, did some baseline testing and I'm happy with the server!

Now the issue :(

My domain is a .de and GoDaddy keeps failing my Nameserver change request, no real information provided. In doing some research and running the check through DENIC Nast ( I found a mess of errors testing the nameservers, have I set up my domain incorrectly in the Linode DNS manager?

Errors (a sampling)

Error 118 Inconsistent set of NS RRs (IP, NS host names)


Warning 102 Provided glue records not applicable (NS) IN NS /

Warning 110 Retry value out of range (expected, found)



Error 118 happens on multiple ns records from 1-5

Any clues?

BTW, thank you all in advance! - Jack

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What's the actual domain name?


What's the actual domain name?

Well, finally cleared the DENIC check using ns(1-5) and it seems like it's in progress now with GoDaddy.

I'll close this out if it goes through, and btw, buying a "vanity domain" is all well and good but I really should have checked the restrictions ahead of time, lol.

No such luck, despite being fine using the DENIC tool, GoDaddy is just a failure on epic levels.

Has anybody here gone through anything similar with a foreign domain?

We've got a .CA pointed at our linode (CIRA), but I'm not sure if it's managed by Linode DNS.

EDIT: Nope, never mind then. Only our primary domain is hosted at linode, all of our anti-squatter domains are just left with the original registrars.

EDIT2: If nobody in the forums can help you, you might want to try opening a ticket with Linode to see if they have any advice.

Either DENIC has really strict standards for name servers, or GoDaddy is screwing things up as usual.

I use NameCheap for com/net/org domains, and for fancy international domains. Never had a problem with either.

Did anyone figure out a solution to this problem? I'm having issues getting the nameservers to pick up properly and seeing the same errors described in the first post.

I've never heard of DENIC before, however if the nameservers are actually doing their job for your domain, it shouldn't be an issue. Otherwise, I'd contact GoDaddy support since it appears they're having a glitch somewhere.

Does whois show the correct nameservers? If you have a whois client installed (or feel like installing one) at home or on your Linode, you can check by typing 'whois' (without quotes, replacing the domain part); otherwise, query Google for a whois site.

If whois shows the wrong nameservers and GoDaddy can't get it resolved (or they make you jump through hoops to resolve it), I'd suggest transferring your domains to another registrar. As hybinet suggested, NameCheap is a good one. Personally I'm using – despite the name, it's a good registrar, especially if you like a simplistic web UI.

I'm actually using NameCheap, so I don't think that's the problem.

After checking some more, I'm actually not seeing that error anymore. Now the only errors I see is Warning 110: Retry value out of range (expected, found) Range[1800.0,4800.0] 14400.

The weird part is, I can change the retry rate via DNS Manager in Linode, but the expected range keeps changing! If I drop down the rate to be between 1800 and 4800, the expected range drops down even lower. Even at 300, the range becomes lower than 100. I must be doing something wrong with these crazy .de domains.

It looks like the range is SUPPOSED to be 900-28800 (seconds) ~~[" target="blank">]( … b3699a3667">](

So it's even more confusing why 14400 would still cause a Warning message to happen.

[Edit:] Maybe it's the other conditions I'm missing. Up until now my refresh and my retry have been the same. Even though the warning message doesn't suggest this, the pdf says that the retry should be between 1/8th and 1/3rd of the refresh. I'll try tweaking the values again, wait for propagation, and try the test.

If it's successfully changed to Linode's DNS (both in NameCheap and in whois), there may be a bug in Linode's DNS, in which case you should open a support ticket with Linode. That will bring this potential bug to their attention much more quickly.

P.S. URLs should be between URL tags. You can type them manually (put "url" and "/url" between [ and ], without quotes), or click the URL button on the reply screen. That will turn it into a clickable link so we don't have to copy and paste (phpBB doesn't do it automatically).

Woot! That did it for me. For the sake of anyone else coming across this problem in the future, here are the settings that made it comply with DENIC standards:

Default TTL: 3600 (1h)

Refresh Rate 14400 (4h)

Retry Rate: 3600 (1h)

Expire Time: 604800 (1w)


Woot! That did it for me. For the sake of anyone else coming across this problem in the future, here are the settings that made it comply with DENIC standards:

Default TTL: 3600 (1h)

Refresh Rate 14400 (4h)

Retry Rate: 3600 (1h)

Expire Time: 604800 (1w)

I'm having the exact same issue but these settings still do not resolve the issue for me.

Is there anything else that can be done?

Still having this issue. Anyone?


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