Upgrading the kernel

What's the best way to go about upgrading the kernel?

uname -r

I didn't realize I was behind until I looked at available kernels.

How do I upgrade?

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You can select a kernel in the boot settings of your configuration profile. Changing it will require a reboot to take effect. You can either select a specific kernel or one of the "Latest" options to automatically update over time (at least as of your most recent reboot).

– David

Set your linodes profile to use "Latest 3.0" in the linode manager and reboot

What about if you are using a custom or distro kernel? How can you upgrade. I have asked a couple of people before if apt-get update and install does the kernel. They thought it probably did but could not be sure.

As long as /boot/grub/menu.lst is updated accordingly, pv-grub should pick up on your new kernel and boot it. Refer to the library for details.

I think i did that already its just I was wondering about upgrading that kernel , i.e not changing the kernel I used but updating I guess . Sorry If I am using the wrong terminology. I did actually follow the linode guides for using pv grub etc and it seemed to work without any problems.

If you're using Linode's kernel, a reboot will get you the latest kernel. If you're using a custom kernel, it works just like it would on a real linux server, and pv_grub will pick the default kernel you've selected.

To update the kernel, update it normally with apt-get, yum, or whatever else your distro uses, and make sure your grub menu list has the right kernel as default.

As a warning, though, you shouldn't be using a custom kernel unless you have a specific need to do so.

I had the idea to use selinux, even though I am not really competent but for the time being it is going ok. I'll reboot into the linode kernel if I have issues. I was advised also to use aptkeeper which I intend to do.

Do you know what kind issues I might face if I were to boot with the linux kernel now that I have been using the distro kernel?


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