Outgoing getting hammered

Hi guys, Just had a warning from Linode that my outgoing for the month had exceeded 80% traffic allowance.

For me, this is very unlikely as I'm only running a small forum and a a small podcast (podcast should be equating to around a 12gb MAX a month normally).

So far for november my box (running ubuntu 10.04) has shifted 166GB outgoing and I have no idea where the hell that is coming from.

Does anyone have any suggestions to finding out what is causing this?

The only thing I have done recently is to add some firewall rules to iptables.



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Check you webserver and whatever you're using to serve your podcast logs to see if there's a lot of unusual traffic i.e. lots of requests coming in all at once.

You can also install ntop which will monitor traffic and let you know where it's going.

I use iftop, filtering gmail and a few ports:

iftop -B -P -f 'not port ntp and not port domain and not port 443 and not host iad04s01-in-f19.1e100.net and not host iad04s01-in-f17.1e100.net



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