What's a good lightweight PHP gallery software thesedays?


So, we've finally decided to migrate off @#$ Gallery2. It'll be pain in any case, so I'm not having any preferred candidates.

What thesedays is lightweight (preferably quite lighter than Gallery2) and not having a rich history of security holes? Any recommendations? :)

Features I'd like to see are access control (different users having access to different albums, some public, some not), and the ability to upload a thumbnail and medium-size pre-generated from PC, so it doesn't try to run a 20MPix picture through GD library.

Yes, I am looking around, but well, sometimes it's hard to filter out the marketing from the real information. :)



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Drupal will do everything you want and there's an active security team.

However, it might take you a while to get to the point of making it do what you want.


drupal is quite heavy and bloated and it's being constantly patched, which means that there are lots of security holes.

I used to use gallery2 for about 6 months and gave up on it, it's a pain. I have also spent time developing my own gallery but I gave up on that as well.

One issue is linode… you don't have lots of space.

I ended up using SmugMug for my photos.

They also have a pretty decent API which I've used to pull photos into my websites dynamically. Developers can get free pro accounts, which is one reason I am with them.

Do you plan on selling photos online?

Drupal is highly modular and not bloated. It's being constantly developed, improved and patched because it's an active project.

It's good enough for www.louvre.fr www.whitehouse.gov dev.twitter.com company.zynga.com ing.us sba.gov www.bestbuymobile.com developer.nvidia.com and quite a few others: websites.usandv.com

You may not like Drupal and it's certainly not the solution for every site, but it's secure enough for government use, and performs well enough for some very high traffic sites.

Drupal is a CMS. We already have a mix of different software for articles, forums, and so on. I'm looking for a plain old locally hosted gallery.

But I guess it's not trendy enough, huh?

Well, gotta keep Googling, then…

I use jAlbum to generate the albums locally and then upload them; eg http://gallery.spuddy.org/Roses


I use jAlbum to generate the albums locally and then upload them

that's exactly what I do

I use Gallery2 a lot, but I've been checking out emAlbum lately, and it seems like a nice one as well, though not a PHP gallery and it only handles images-





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