Error output from StackScript?

Is there I way I can get a trace of what a Stack Script did or didn't do?

I tried running this one:


for Ubuntu 10.04, and nginx didn't seem to install.

I'm fine poking around and either fixing the script (if a package moved, etc), or installing stuff by hand, but it would be nice to know what failed so I know where to start looking.

(or, I could just install everything myself. Which I can do, but I'd like to have a script at some point anyway, so that I could re-create a "fresh" linode on demand).

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StackScripts run on the console - so if the script generates output it would go there. Launch Lish before booting the deployment for the first time and you can watch as the StackScript does its business.

Hope that helps,


less /var/log/syslog

Maybe put a comment with some unique pattern in your stackscript to make it easy to search for


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