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I had outstanding balance and after payment server IP was changed, which causes website not to load, displays /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi page (www.qbid.ge) I think this is caused due to changed IP address. What could be the exact problem and possible ways to fix this? My server administrator won't be available for next week so I try to do this by myself


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Hi there,

Cpanel licensing is tied to the IP address, so I would first start by making sure your license is valid for that IP on the link below:


If not, you will want to reach out to your cPanel License provider to get that all sorted out.

Once you verify that, you will want to ensure that your cPanel and WHM have the new IP in its configuration. These links should offer you some insight on where to check:

https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/server-main-ip-change.612583/ https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/68Docs/Change+Site%27s+IP+Address

If you are still running into the issues after that, I would take a look at your document root (Where you specify the location of your website files) in your website configuration. By default, cPanel used the public_html folder as its primary document root, you will want to ensure that contains your website files.

Since your IP changed, you will also want to ensure that your DNS is pointing to the right place, you can visit the DNS manager or your DNS provider to ensure that it is pointing to the correct IP.

Before you start

If your Linode was terminated due to a billing issue and you lose your IPs, contact Linode Support first! They may be able to help you reclaim your old IP!

How to switch IPs in WHM/cPanel

It sounds like you've got a problem related to WHM/cPanel not associating the new IP address with your virtual host.

You will need to update it by following these steps:

Update your WHM/cPanel license

  • First, use this tool to verify you have a license for your new IP. You may need to request a transfer for your license from your provider
  • Update your WHM/cPanel license by running /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt via SSH or LiSH as root

Update WHM configuration

  • Login to WHM via https://<your ip>:2087
  • Go to Home > Main > Server Configuration > Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
  • Find the setting for the The IP address that will be used for setting up shared IP virtual Hosts
  • Update this setting

DNS Settings

If WHM/cPanel manage your DNS records, you may need to update any records pointing to your old IP to your new one


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