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Sorry more of a Nginx question than linode specifically but this forum is great for answers.

When configuring nginx on a basic linode I understand I shouldn't really go for more than 1 worker process but from what I understand of nginx that means all the responses to concurrent clients will be serialized. If one response is waiting on a php script that's doing MySql queries or something that takes 5 seconds to come back does that mean in that moment any other normal requests for lets say static pages will have to wait for that 5 second page request to finish?


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No, the behavior you described is what Apache+prefork does. Nginx can serve ten thousand other clients (or even the same client on a different connection) while it waits for the slow PHP request to finish.

I think the best practice is to have as many worker processes as you have CPU cores. But even with just one worker process, nginx can get a lot of work done.


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