LAMP Stack security?

Hi all,

Quick question regarding the LAMP-stack: How is this installed? Does it compile it or does it use apt-get?

Since I'd like to be able to quickly update it without compilation issues I would like to be sure the packages are up-to-date and that I can easily update them

I'm running Debian 6.


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The Linode LAMP Stack StackScript uses aptitude – after installation, you can keep your 'node up to date with apt-get or aptitude. All the functions the LAMP StackScript calls are in StackScript Bash Library, if you want to see what it does.

apt-get install everything.

Debian is very good at keeping its packages up to date, as far as security is concerned. It won't get you the latest features (so the version numbers might look old), but every security fix is back-ported to the versions that Debian maintains. For example, Debian's PHP is 5.3.3, but it contains all security fixes from 5.3.10. Popular packages such as Apache and PHP are usually patched in a matter of hours.

If you need newer features, dotdeb is an excellent source of up-to-date packages for Debian. Dotdeb also gets security fixes very quickly, and it integrates seamlessly with the rest of Debian's update mechanism.

Awesome - Thanks for the information. I'll definitely check out dotdeb as well!


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