Is anyone else getting rebooted every Sunday at 6:25am?

All of my nodes seem to have rebooted simultaneously at 6:25am on the last two Sundays.

One of my co-workers called customer support, and they said that it was us that caused the restart, but there is nothing that I know of that we are doing that would cause them all to reboot at the same time. Even if I wanted to do it I doubt I could.

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Check your control panel logs, that'll tell you if the reboot came from the panel or from the operating system itself. If it's from the panel, I think support should be able to tell you what IP logged in and scheduled the job. If it's from the OS, you'll need to check that out.


Check your control panel logs…

Hmmm - no indication of a restart there. It looks like 6:25 is when my daily cron maintenance job runs, maybe the Ubuntu default install has a reboot on Sunday or something.

Reboots from inside would still show up in the Linode Manager; they would show as 'Lassie initiated boot' in the Host Job Queue.

What makes you say there was a restart? You can check whether it actually restarted by running 'uptime'.


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