Best way to mount file system remotely on OS X

I'd like to mount a Linode filesystem remotely so I can manage files from my Mac. I'm using MacFusion now over SSH but it's pretty slow traversing the filesystem via Finder.

My connectivity is excellent, ssh shell access is very snappy.

Is there a "best practice" way to do this?


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Yeah, FUSE drivers are pretty sluggish. For what I do with my Linode, I can deal with the pain as I am primarily editing a few files in Text Mate / Sublime Text 2.

I'm not aware of any better way to do this. To be honest, I've not searched too in-depth either.


I use sshfs, it's ok speed wise

If you just need to edit text files and manage the filesystem, try Cyberduck. It's an SFTP client that supports seamless remote editing with many editors (change a line and save, it's synced in the background, and you get an optional Growl notification). I use it with TextMate.

Use the force Luke… (or in this case, the linode library) :-)

Here is an article that should point you to the right direction…

+1 for Cyberduck.

An alternative: In the past I used "netatalk". You can find it for Ubuntu using aptitude. It is a daemon that has support for a couple Apple (OS X) protocols. One is AFP, which allows you to connect your OS X machine to a folder in Ubuntu, just like it was an OS X machine. It is an unencrypted protocol, so I used it over a VPN.

I think you will be able to do it with SSH to make it secure; but I never got into that.

Perhaps something like Panic Transmit would work. You'd normally use it as a self-contained SFTP/FTP/S3/etc client, but it actually also supports integrating with the Finder to mount remote things as actual volumes.

Seconding Transmit, great ftp client and it can mount volumes i the finder as well as the normal ftp client interface. Free solutions generally involve doing some legwork with the latest FUSE fork (Fuse4X or OSXFUSE).


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