Manual vs Stackscript setup

I've recently built a new Linode from scratch, and not having kept up recently I wasn't aware of the StackScripts route. So I wonder if it's possible to find out where my manual configuration differs from the one I would have had from a LAMP stackscript? Specifically interested in the claim "[Need a way to quickly get a LAMP stack up and running] that's automatically tuned, tweaked and optimized for you" - my emphasis here of course.

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You can read through the stackscript to see what it does, and compare it to how you set up your system. It largely consists of scaling memory-dependent settings (e.g. MaxClients), if I recall correctly.

Yeah, check out the apachetune, mysqltune, and php_tune functions in the Bash library stackscript.

> check out the apachetune, mysqltune, and php_tune functions Hey, great utility, wasn't aware of it. And of course, I can run any of those shell commands myself. Thanks for the heads-up.


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