Configuring wild card SSL cert with linode


I own a Ultimate Linux Secure plan (the highest shared hosting plan of Godaddy) to manage my domains & hosting. Now I'm trying linode for hosting and thought of leaving the domain alone at Godaddy. The primary purpose of hosting is to deploy Facebook apps using PHP. I also planned to use sub-domain for each of client's fb apps (since fb apps, not a website sub-domain is just enough for the clients). I also purchased wild-card SSL cert for my domain. One of my friend helped me to configure SSL cert at linode and created and pointed the sub-domains created at Godaddy to point to linode.

My Godaddy hosting is about to expire and I need to settle everything before thatm but I got with a big confusion of sub-domains and SSLs.

1) Whether SSL is dependent of domain-name or IP? If I keep the domain name still at godaddy, will all the sub-domains created will continue to have https support? When I created CSR & other stuff demanded by SSL vendor, we seem to use Linode's IP & domain name

2) I doubt godaddy doesn't provide sub-domains for just registering domains, but for only hosting plans. So I purchased hostmonster for managing sub-domains (this too with hosting, but far cheaper than godaddy). Now I wonder how the domain registered at Godaddy, main-domain's name server pointed to host-monster and sub-domains that are currently pointed to linode all work together to secure the main domain & all its sub-domains.

3) Is all those who provide unlimited sub-domains comes with hosting (which I don't want)?

4) What's the difference/benefit between the DNS provided by host-monster (godaddy) and the one provide by Linode

Where I should find more information regarding domains, name servers, DNS. Googling provides vague pages, but couldn't find succinct info?

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You pay godaddy to delegate your domain's zone (e.g. to some DNS servers. That's it as far as the technical duty of a registrar goes; they have nothing to do with subdomains.

The nameservers you delegate your zone to have full control of DNS records for everything under that zone, including any subdomains you might want to create. You can do this yourself by delegating your domain to Linode's nameservers (for example), and then entering any records you want for subdomains in the Linode DNS Manager. You don't need anything besides your registrar and some DNS service.

The SSL certificate is concerned with the hostname, not the IP address.


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