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I will be going to Germany next month. I expect to be there for three or four months. Would it be possible to place my account on an inactive status and then restart when I return?

The service has been so good here, I don't want to close my account.

Thank you,


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Your account doesn't close just because you don't have any Linodes, if I remember correctly. You can just leave it there and create a new one when you get back.

OK, thanks.

If you aren't running a linode, no fees are generated?

I'd open a ticket with support to ask this question and get a definitive answer.

I did and support responded quickly with a positive answer.

Linode is the best.


Just remember that turning off a linode isn't the same as not running a linode. In order to incur no charges, you'd have to delete all Linodes from your account, and this also means you'll have no way to store data at Linode. When you come back and re-install, you'll need to copy all your data back from off-site.


and this also means you'll have no way to store data at Linode

Or use the DNS manager.


Or use the DNS manager.
Is there some sort of dnsfs I'm unaware of? If so, I bet that would get shut down pretty quick.


Or (have no way to) use the DNS manager.

There, fixed. :)

If you have a lot of data you'd like to keep, just make a big tarball and upload it to S3. That'll only cost a couple of dollars a month, or even free if you're a new S3 user and you qualify for their limited time free storage/transfer promotion.

Thanks for all of the tips. I do have an S3 account and tarball backups of my data is already there.



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