Problem getting Putty to work

Im having a problem with Puttying logging in

typing root@

then hitting enter

and the password i chose for my root password.

and it keeps denying it.

anyone know what im doing wrong?

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First of all, you need to enter your linode's IP address there..

Also make sure you have EnableRootLogin enabled in the sshd config (enabled by default on most distros initially) and that you're actually entering the write password.

Try logging in to Lish and seeing if it accepts your password there. If not, then perhaps you need to reset your root password.


thanks for the replies guys

yah i just used 0's for the example

already read linodes instructions and even Putty's manual

i try using the ajax lish thing to log in and it didnt work either.

im using the same user name for the ajax lish log in right?

so i reset the lish password 5 times and still doesnt work.

couldnt find the EnableRootLogin. where is the ssd config?

I dont have to use SSH tunnels right? cant I skip that and the graphical applications part of the tutor?

cant believe im stuck on the most smallest thing

Alright I fixed my problem

Its a known issue using Putty with Ubuntu, and maybe while using windows xp idk

so had to make a change putty settings to fix the issue

now i just type in

root and hit enter and it auto fills in the ip address

then type password and it works

You really don't need to be using PuTTY on Linux. It's a great SSH client on Windows (it's been my main SSH client for a decade or so), but on Linux, the OpenSSH client is a lot more practical. Especially when you try to do fancier things with it.


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