Cant get images to display. please help really stuck

Hey guys i just got up and running and everything is running good. But for some reason none of my images will load on my webpage.

CSS background and html image tags.

the file path is correct its not that. jpg,gif,png doesnt matter.

is there some sort of setting i need to set someonewhere?

im really stuck

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What happens if you try to access an image on your site directly? (e.g., entering into the address bar)

Also, there are several other issues I can detect just from the front page. The /signup location doesn't exist, but /signup.php does. If you're trying to use this type of URL without mod_rewrite rules, I suggest turning on MultiViews in your .htaccess or site config (Options +MultiViews).

Clicking the "Home" button also gives a faulty URL, which is more or less caused by this HTML coding error:


Never use "" without the http in front of it when linking to something. This will cause you to go to pages like … minion.php"> instead of If you want to link to something on the same hostname as your website, use relative URLs instead.

The only URL I could find in your CSS ( was … header.jpg">, and that path doesn't exist. Neither does the page I'm redirected from /dominion.php above -> … /setup.php">

A quick look also showed that the /systemlords/ path doesn't exist in your website root directory. If it had existed, would've given an index page (index.php, index.html, etc) or at the very least a 403 error (forbidden), not a 404 error (not found).

What does your Apache config file for this site look like, and what does an ls -l look like for the directory referenced in the DocumentRoot for your Apache config file?

Hey NeonNero thanks alot for the list of problems you see.

I fixed the image problem. i always use lower case letters for folders and file names but for some reason my image folder had a capital letter in it. and Apache 1 isnt case sensitive which is what i was using before apache 2.

inorder to get my java script and css links to work i had to take out the www. so i had to use


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