Trouble setting up subdomain for Piwik Install

I've followed all of the steps in … 0.04-lucid">

I think the sites-enabled file is properly configured for the subdomain ('user' is stand-in for actual user):

> # domain:

public: /home/user/public/




DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

DocumentRoot /home/user/public/

LogLevel warn

ErrorLog /home/user/public/

CustomLog /home/user/public/ combined

a2ensite and apache2 restart have been successful. "A" record has been created for stats in DNS manager and is pointed to the same IP address as the primary domain.

Can anyone offer advice on what I've forgotten?


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> Can anyone offer advice on what I've forgotten?
Your question and explanation as to what is wrong ;)

Also, you don't need the "ServerAlias" line since it's the same as your "ServerName" line.

I'm really sorry. I feel bad for posting this. The DNS had just taken about 20 minutes to come into effect.


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