FTP or Root - Permission denied problem uploading web site

Good morning,

I just went through the process of setting up my linode, as per the 'getting started', 'securing your server' and 'hosting a web site' help files in the linode library. Previously I successfully did the next step that I am about to explain, but the second time around (after reinstalling everything), I have encountered a problem.

I have Debian distro, I followed the basic Apache, Mysql and PHP5 install. Just to get everything quickly up.

I set up my name-based virtual hosts, of which I have five.

I logged into filezilla and successfully connected to my home directory, and also the public directory, and into each name-based virtual host directory. All directories have 755 permissions.

The problem starts when I try to upload a file from my desktop to the server. It comes up with the following error, regardless of what file I upload or into which name-based virtual host or folder on the server I upload.

Error: /home/vanir/public/beenatural.me/public/nicole.pdf: open for write: permission denied

Error: File transfer failed

I am not sure if this is a chmod problem or a root access problem.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insight into this. I am sure it is a very simple fix.

Thank you in advance,


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Running ls -ld /home/vanir/public/beenatural.me/public will tell you what the permissions and ownership are for that directory. If the mode is set at 755, then "drwxr-xr-x" will appear at the beginning, and you should be able to upload files using the username that is shown as the owner.

If the ownership is incorrect, you can fix it (as root) with the chown command.

Thank you for your help - that's very kind!


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