Cheap legit SSL cert

Though this isn't linux related, and its not all that new, however it really is a quite amazing deal.

The deal is for getting a standard 128 bit SSL cert from GeoTrust for $25 USD instead of the normal $160 USD.

You can see more about this deal at

GeoTrust is "recognized" by Internet Explorer. (Which sadly happens to be the de facto application in Central Authority recognition. Which doesn't matter for OSS applications, but does for the windows and CSS world.)

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PS: there is tax to the price, but its still dirt cheap

PPS: I have zero financial interest in any of the named companies above

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Rackshack have also just started to offer the chainedssl cert from

For $10 + 8% tax, on a limited offer. is run by geotrust just a cheaper brand.


Geotrust's quickssl certificate is one of only 2 out of 13 different certificates to have less than 99% browser compatibility according to the comparison matrix on the URL sited in this post. All the other ssl certs mentioned except the ones from Geotrust (only 90%) and IPS CA (only 88%) offer 99% browser compatibility according to the site.

When choosing an ssl cert, there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Do you want to prove that you own the domain?

  • Do you want to prove that your business is valid and legally authorized to do business?

  • Do you want to offer identity warranty to visitors who rely on your identity being valid?

  • Do you want to prove your physical address is valid and actually associated with your business?

  • Do you want the widest possible browser compatibility?

  • Do you want to display a 'trust seal' that shows the validated information?

I shopped around and came to the conclusion that the best value in ssl cert is from Comodo Group for my needs:

Here is a very descriptive comparison matrix (provided by Comodo):

There is a different comparison matrix out there that tries to spread FUD about root certificate ownership impacting browser compatibility. A simple test using the free, 30-day version of a certificate will expose the FUD for what it is. You may find it ironic that the certificate from instantssl is MORE compatible with browsers than the one spreading the FUD (do your own tests using the free trials instead of believing websites or even this post by me).

The downside to using Comodo? There are two that I know of and they might not be relevant to most:

1. Comodo's marketshare is only 7.57% as of Sept 2004 (according to them). But they only had 0.53% marketshare as of Dec 2002 so it looks like they are rapidly gaining on others. I suspect they'll continue gaining because of resellers like Pair Networks and others who sell rebranded instantssl certificates.

2. They MUST validate your street address (or PO Box) and require documentation proving it is associated with your business. For commercial websites, this isn't a disadvantage (but a plus for more cautious customers). But for private website operators, the loss of privacy might be too much to choose Comodo. I'm glad the phone and fax numbers are optional instead of forced since they can be abused by automatic dialers.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don't have any relationship with Comodo/ instantssl. I simply tried their 30-day trial certificate and found it to work exactly as they advertise. Right now, I'm debating whether to buy a Comodo PRO SSL cert or buy their partnership plan where I can get discounts on multiple certificates.

Again, do your own tests because I almost wasted lots of extra money to buy a cert from another vendor because I momentarily believed FUD on other websites. I'm a bit peeved after doing my own tests to discover the statements were misleading, which is the primary reason for taking time to write this post. Bullshit from vendors or misleading websites shouldn't be tolerated, especially when decisions based on that info can impact your finances.

If your site is a low-volume site, then the GeoTrust certificate is probably a good deal. About 4% of the webs users are using IE 5.0. Geotrust's certificate was included in the IE's trusted list in 5.1. If saving a few bucks is worth 4% of the people having a warning displayed, then GeoTrust is a good certificate.

Go to and use their wizard to determine which certificate is best for your needs.

Most of the links here do not work.


Most of the links here do not work.
That's because this thread is nearly four years old.

Given the information in this thread is now out of date who is now giving the best price on SSL certificates?

I only want a 128 bit certificate for a european site with none of the extras.

Godaddy are offering certificates for $19.99/yr. Can they really be trusted?

I'll give ya one for free.

Of course nobody has my CA so ;)

We use godaddy, and we've never had any trouble.

We use Servertastic:

Their prices start from £7.12 ($12.95).


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