Amazing Service Response times

Just wanted to once again voice my appreciation for linodes awesome support response times..

Ive logged two tickets in the last few days

1. to transfer a DNS zone from my account to a friends,

2. to migrate my linode from fremont to tokyo..

3. to refund some excess funds on the account back to my cc.

Ticket 1, was resolved within 5 minutes. And it only took that long because i had to get my friend to log a ticket confirming the transfer.

Ticket 2, was resolved within 43 seconds! 43 seconds!!! Thats 43 seconds to get notified of my ticket, open it, set up the configuration for a migration, and notify me that it was ready for me to push the big button..

Ticket 3, was resolved and completed within 3 minutes. And that included me having to confirm everything.

Seriously, why would I go anywhere else, with amazing support times like that!!

Love your work linode!

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Support times are awesome :D I normally get an average of about 1 minute for tickets :D

I've only opened two tickets since I joined Linode in October 2010, one of which was asking for some advice re: a software choice decision which they replied too (even though they are unmanaged) the other was a Linode migration request. Both were handled quickly.

I think it says a lot that I have only needed to open two tickets with them in that time. Plus one of those tickets they were under no obligation to answer anyway.


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