Extremely slow downloads of updates

I was recently migrated to newark435 after all the issues they were having earlier this week.

I am rebuilding a linode with a stackscript, and I am seeing data transfers down around 55kB/s as it is trying to install packages.

To contrast, downloading from the same repositories from my node on newark431 gets speeds above 4000kB/s.

Also seeing the same issue when downloading with wget.

I just downloaded http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz using wget on newark435, and it took over a minute and never got over 100K/s transfer speed.

The exact same wget download on newark431 downloaded in 1.7seconds at over 2M/s.

Anyone else seeing such slow speeds?

Edit: Just did another migration to newark361 and all is back up to normal speeds.


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