Installing Varnish


I am a newbie trying to install varnish as per … ntu-debian">

I am using port 8080 as opposed to 8000 in the link.

When I run the command netstat -lp | grep apache2 in SSH I get:

tcp 0 0 localhost.loca:http-alt : LISTEN

as opposed to

tcp 0 0 localhost:8080 : LISTEN 4586/apache2

…just wondering what the http-alt is and if I need to change it and where?


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http-alt = alternative http port: 8080.

To use -n flag to show everything nummeric. A netstat-command I find easy to remember and that shows pretty much everything you want is netstat -tulpen

EDIT: If you want to know more about the names (http-alt) look at /etc/services. eg: "grep http-alt /etc/services"


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