Can't login with PSFTP but Putty works ok


I've followed the Linode guide that explains how to setup a secure server using SSH Key Authentication. Following that, I've been following their guide on setting up Postfix with Dovecot… for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (which is the distribution I'm using).

The problem I'm having now is that whilst I can login to the consol with PuTTY, I can't login to SFTP using PSFTP.

I've tried with CuteFTP PRO, but it prompts me for a passphrase, which I didn't use when generating the keys. I don't think it likes my private key format (generated by puttygen).

The firewall is setup to allow port 22.

Anyone have an idea why this is happening?



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for the time being, I'm going to allow root login. Hopefully this will get me going for now.

don't need to allow root access.

set password authentication on as the problem seems to be related to SSH2 key authentication. Doing this breaks the Server Security setup guide.

Can someone please advise how to get SSH Key Authentication working with psFTP?

Does PSFTP require your SSH keys to be in Putty format or OpenSSH format. That could make a big difference. You can generate both types with Puttygen.


Tim, thnx m8.

When you mentioned that psFTP requires the SSH Key, I realised I must have missed something in the documentation.

Turns out I didn't read far enough. I need to run Pageant (with the key added there) in the background in order to have psFTP authenticate using SSH Keys.

I have it running now.




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