Linode receives mail, but can't download remotely


I followed the "Email with Postfix, Dovecot and MySQL on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid)" Guide to setup email services on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS based linode. All the tests, including the MUTT test at the end were successful. I have also installed ISPConfig and Webmin.

Using ISPConfig, I setup a new client; then I created a new email domian and email account for that client . I then sent a test message from another account, not related to Linode, to that client so as to test the setup. Through Webmin, I can see the message has arrived at my linode server, but I can't access it through Outlook 2007. Outlook does not return any errors while sending/receiving on the clients account.

While reviewing the settings in Outlook 2007, I realised I made an assumption that the incoming/outgoing mail server name would be mail.clientdomain.tld. I've hunted through the configuration settings I gave while setting up postfix, and couldn't find anything confirm that's the case, nor have a found a field where I gave a different name. The fact that Outlook doesn't return an error suggests that I might be right in using 'mail.clientdomain.tld', but I don't trust Outlook enough to be sure.

What is the default mail server name (Incoming and Outgoing) when using Postfix/Dovecot? From the mail.log output below, my settins seem ok.

Looking at /var/log/mail.log I can see the client logs in and logs out without any errors.

Jul 14 12:52:35 myhostname dovecot: pop3-login: Login: user=<client_email@client.tld>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=

Jul 14 12:52:35 myhostname dovecot: POP3(client_email@client.tld): Disconnected: Logged out top=0/0, retr=0/0, del=0/0, size=0

So, somehow I suspect that ISPConfig didn't setup a user account in Postfix/Dovecot. When I used Webmin to view the mail, I looked in the mail queue. Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?



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I understand that the actual mailbox isn't created until the 1st message is received, however I can't receive it in the first place.

I looked in the file system, and there is a folder '/var/vmail/clientdomain.tld/clientemailid/Maildir#' ISPConfig did what it had to do here

So the folder structure has been created. However, sub-folders 'cur', 'new', and 'tmp' are all empty. I guess the mail item hasn't been delivered to the mailbox.

This sort of explains why outlook didn't report a message.

the problems was entirely generated by the lack of ClamAV on my linode.


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