Job Opp, Need help with: ToS Violation - SSH Brute Force

I've been told that a Linode I run for a client's Java website has attacked one of Linode's server/partner on the service: "ssh". I'm short a Java developer and need some help. Is there anyone in this forum that I could hire to help me troubleshoot this issue?


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I assume you changed all your passwords when your previous Java developer left?

TehBan - Yes, of course. Do you happen to know of anyone who could help? I'm still looking.


Kids today, can't even do a simple forum search.

OBS's sig line states "paid support", so maybe he might be able to help. … ile&u=4174">

vonskippy: Then again, his website does say "Sorry! Not currently accepting new clients!" in big letters across the top right corner. According to his website, he won't be accepting any new clients until November 2012.

khadlock: What accounts does your logs say are still logging in? And do your logs also state whether they're using passwords or SSH keys? If they're using SSH keys, have you removed these from the accounts as well? (In addition to changing account passwords, that is.)

vpsbuddy is sometimes bandied about around here in terms of paid sysadmin duties. I've never had any experience with them, but I've also never seen any complaints about them after the fact.

Yup still busy over here :) thanks though vonskippy. I'm still hanging around the forums though helping when I can.


Then again, his website does say "Sorry! Not currently accepting new clients!" in big letters across the top right corner.

Wat? I'm expected to search the forum AND follow the links - Geeeeeeesh, do you think I'm your mother!

j/k sorry about the bad advice, just going from his sig file not his web site - my bad.

Good for OBS for not over selling his time, the weasels out there would just take on another project and scrimp on everyone's nickel.

The way I read it, the Linode is in question, not Java specifically.

Are there SSH connections being made from the Java application? That'd be somewhat rare. If there aren't, it's likely something else running on the server or being used remotely with the server as a node if this is in fact true.


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