Installing Dovecot after Postfix is installed.

Can anyone tell me how to install Dovecot after Postfix is installed? The user guides only describe how to install them simultaneously but not separately.

When I tried to use the command "apt-get dovecot-postfix" it gives me the message "E: Invalid Operation dovecot-postfix."

Thanks in advance.

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That's because there is no package called "dovecot-postfix" (and you forgot "install"). You can just "sudo apt-get install postfix" now and "sudo apt-get install dovecot" later. "postfix-dovecot" is just a virtual package that provides both.

Thank you squircle that was very helpful.

Apparently the system is out of date. When I issue the command:

apt-get install dovecot

it tells me that "dovecot" is no longer available; however, it did tell me to use "dovecot-common" instead.

So I typed

apt-get install dovecot-common

it worked.


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