background processes close down on exit?

I've noticed in Mandrake that background process close down upon exitting, and since I am planning on running a small muds business, I don't want the muds to be shutdown as soon as the user logs out of the shell…. Anyone know how to fix this?

There are usually two processes. The mud process, and a "startup" csh script.

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Run the programs as a daemon

command &

Adding the & to the end starts the process as a daemon.


Starting with & at the end normally just puts the program in the background imidiatley. Depending on the shell, the program will most likely still be closed on exit. What you really want to do is combine this with nohup.

ala: nohup startupscript.csh &

This will start it in the background and prevent it from exiting on logout. Starting as above it will append any output to STDOUT/STDERR to a file nohup.out in the current directory. Check the nohup man page for more info.


There are usually two processes. The mud process, and a "startup" csh script.

You may want to read …

Mandrake Generic Startup Init Script … -init.html">

Highly helpful and easy to read.

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