Node suddenly stops booting


Briefly: "I am in big trouble"

A bit longer: noticed 100% CPU utilization on my node, decided to login and see what is going on. SSH refused my password, so did console. Shut down the node, change password, boot the node and.. nothing - boot stuck at "Setting up console font and keymap"

Rebooted in rescue mode.

fsck -fy /dev/xvda

returns no error

mount -t ext3 -o barrier=0 /dev/xvda /media/xvda

and can not change /media/xvda/etc/rc.conf using vi, when I am trying to save I get "Error: /media/xvda/etc/init/rc.conf: Permission denied.


Support says it is my node issue and advises to use Forums to get help. -(

Here I am, please help.

Thank you.

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Problem resolved, for some reason I had:

[email protected]:/etc/init# lsattr rc.conf

s–-ia------------- rc.conf

After removing unneeded attributes I can edit this file again.

Glad you figured it out and got it working. Phew!


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