Adding an 'O-Line' to ircd.conf

Hello everyone,

I have ircd-irc2 running on my Ubuntu server. Everything is working except I cannot get the 'O-Lines' to work.

I am trying to give myself IRCop status.

Here is an example of the 'O-Line' from my ircd.conf;


When I login to my irc server via mIRC and try to give myself Administrator/Global Operator status, it says 'No O-Lines for your host'

The command I have been using in mIRC is /OPER username password

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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To begin you should check to that you are listed in '/stats o' If not then the problem is likely to be operblock, don't forget to /rehash after config changes.

If you are in /stats o then you could first try with oper::from::userhost set to @ if this works, then you can set your userhost to be more strict.

Thanks for replying, Serial Cookie.

I am listed in /stats o.

I keep getting 'Password Incorrect' error…

The ircd may be expecting you to hash your password and place the hash in the password field.

After figuring out what hash meant, it worked.

Thanks guys!


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