How long for account verification?

Just signed up for a Linode 64 I am curious how log does it take for account verification?

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Actually usually within 24 hours. Mine was set up within a day and I read somewhere on these forums that someone's was set up within 30 minutes :)

I set one up last night (about 7pm) and still can't log in. :(

My account has been actived and my UML is up and running!


Just signed up for a Linode 64 I am curious how log does it take for account verification?

Mine was activated within about six hours or so. I read somewhere that Chris wanted to call each person who set up a Linode. However he never called me. I guess I'm just not that interesting! :wink:

God damn it still not setup now I am becoming highly irriated… my CC was charged immediately and I have not received anything…..

Opps the above was me..

mine took 6-7 hours to get set up, I say give 'em 24 hours and it should be up and running. Some things take time, and caker DOES need to have some sorta life ;)

– Griswald

My experience was about the same as Griswalds. Signed up 11am on a saturday, had the email telling me it was ready by 4pm.

I don't think they work on Sundays though (I would guess they need at least one day off per week) and from what I have heard from another user who signed up Saturday in the PM, they had the account information early Monday morning.

According to site accounts are activated immediatelly, but here everybody talks about waiting … does it mean the site "no waiting" promise is not true ?

That's probably residue from when we did have instant activation, which is turned off because now I verify all new signups. This should be seen as a good thing, since it protects existing (and new) clients from people signing up and doing bad things before I get a chance to verify.

"No waiting" once your account is activated. :)


"No waiting" once Chris returned from his vacation-trip …. ;-)

Whatever! :roll:

Mine was setup in less than 10 min . . . . and it said on the web site None Available :lol:


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