My website offline due to goddady dns down!

My website just went offline due to godaddy dns going down. :( … -of-sites/">

Time to switch to linode for dns I think. :) … de-manager">

Wish I'd switched earlier. It's been four hours since it went down and it's still not back up. :(

It still puzzles me how the whole of godaddy went down for 4 hrs and counting. No resiliency whatsoever?

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You can't switch when their website is down, huh?


You can't switch when their website is down, huh?

Lol. indeed. Their website appears to be down but their domain is up with a dummy homepage. So clearly their own dns is still working whether self managed or otherwise! :)

Even their WHOIS server is down (I'm unable to get a full WHOIS record for domains registered through them). Several services (including are not responding due to Godaddy's DNS being unresponsive.

I switched to Namecheap during the GoDaddy elephant scandal, and the SOPA thing only made me more smug…er. Even with Namecheap I have my DNS hosted with Linode, though, because Linode's DNS:

* updates literally ten times faster

  • The DNS control UI is more sensibly laid out

  • hasn't gone down twice per year like GoDaddy did

  • Sends me a free pie every Christmas*

The only downside to Linode's DNS is that, well, they will only point a TLD at a Linode IP. It's perfectly acceptable to point subdomains off-network, though, so the Minecraft and After the Deadline servers on my LAN can face the Internet properly!

*this is unfortunately a lie

Linode Staff


The only downside to Linode's DNS is that, well, they will only point a TLD at a Linode IP.
Not quite sure I understand this one. You can point your bare domain to any IP - it doesn't nee to be a Linode IP.


Errm, yeah, we've even done this on occasion. Our linode was down for maintenance so we pointed our TLD to a "down for maintenance" page on a non-linode server.

Hm, I know I tried to use Linode DNS with a crap discount VPS and it didn't work. Maybe initial setup has to be against a Linode IP?

Edit: Looking at the UI, initial setup gives you a dropdown of your Linode IPs but it looks like I could probably create a blank record and fill it out however I liked. Good to know, though I just this week rolled all my cheapo-server operations into a new Linode 512 :)

I switched immediately when I switched servers here. Linode doesn't charge you for unlimited entries the way GoDaddy does. :evil:

100 entries seems like a lot, except I need a lot for, which is the general purpose, non language specific domain name. I also have a corresponding domain alias for each sturmkrieg.cctld. (,,,

Most of those websites haven't yet been reestablished since the server move.


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