WordPress Install question #2 - Solved

On my Linode, I want to host several websites/domains and use WordPress, each domain has its own username. Apache is configured so that /home/username/public is the root for Apache. How do I install WordPress so it can serve all the domains. Is it one install per username or a global install and then I Just setup a different WordPress for each domain?


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So I can either run multiple installations of WordPress or use the MultipleSites plugin built into WordPress 3+

I would use the multi install plugin, saves you the trouble of updating separate installations.

Also I would recommend using this guide:

http://rtcamp.com/tutorials/wordpress-m … che-purge/">http://rtcamp.com/tutorials/wordpress-multisite-subdomains-domain-mapping-nginx-fastcgi-cache-purge/

I have it running on my wordpress installations, and it is a major speed increase. Drop apache, its really not worth using, nginx/php-fpm and mysql work really well together.


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