Sending emails using Joomla but mail server Godaddy!


Im trying to be able to send emails using Joomlas internal and BreezingForms on websites on Linode.

The domain names as still with godaddy and i have changed the A records to point to my Linode server and i was thinking still to continue using godaddys email system.

But im not really sure how to do this using "PHP Mail Function", "Sendmail" (standard) or the "SMTP Server" within Joomla.

As the websites is not longer on godaddy the website cant call internal commands like "/usr/sbin/sendmail" to send the emails.

So how do i sort this out?

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You need to install a mail server follow one of the send only mail guides here or here


I saw the first guide after i posted that but i dont understand it. By the looks of it its just speaking about one site at the time "the main site".

So then i need to do that for each one each time i add a new site? But by the looks of the text in the intro text its just for one site?

I got now 40 sites on my Linode, do i need to add that for each site, or adding all sites each text plus the new one every time i add one?

Maybe its something im not getting..

Nope you just install the send only mail server once. What OS are you using?

Im using Ubuntu.

And yes the first link did the trick.

I should write a total guide what i did later so people dont need to have the same headaches as me..

Thanks for the help!


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