Transfer from GoDaddy

Please oh please someone please help me transfer my domain to Linode from GoDaddy.

I want the the registrar transfered. I do not want to use GoDaddy's name servers or anything else.

I upgraded to a Premium DNS account with GoDaddy, thinking this would let me do this, but I can't figure out how.

I've tried using Linode's DNS manager ( using the transfer name server specified by GoDaddy ( as noted at … ns-account"> This just comes back with a message saying "The nameserver '' refused our AXFR request"

How the hell do I get rid of that horrible company once and for all?

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Linode does not provide domain registrar services, so you will need to either continue to pay go daddy for your domain or transfer it to another registrar. Godaddy also apparently does not allow axfr last I knew, you may want to contact them for clarification on that. If you want to use our DNS Manager, we have a guide in the library outlining how-

Unfortunately Linode isn't a registrar, so you can't transfer your domain to linode. (You can use linode to host the DNS for it, however, see )

I'd suggest maybe or for registrars.

This lengthy thread contains a discussion of several registrars.

In the meantime, as others have alluded to, you can transfer DNS to Linode by adding records one by one into the Linode DNS Manager since a zone transfer isn't working. Then you would designate Linode's nameservers (,,,, for the domain at GoDaddy.

Once you've transferred to another registrar, check to make sure that the Linode nameservers are still being used for the domain.


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