Newark data center might get a test this week

Well if NJ sees some of the weather they are expecting and power issues, we might see how we'll their fuel contracts work for an extended power outage…

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It stayed up through Hurricane Irene, though I'll be ready to fail over to other data centers just in case.

I hope all of Linode's employees stay safe and dry - Linode's office is in NJ.

Best wishes to Linode and everyone affected by the storm!

NAC (NJ data center provider) is providing some updates at:

At about 11:30 local time, they posted:

"UPDATE - as of this writing, Parsippany 2 (WBR) continues to run on generator due to utility outage. All sites are OK. Updates to follow."

(I'm not sure if this is where Linode's servers are located.)

Take care,


Good find - I never would have thought to check Facebook for this kind of thing :roll: Linode is in Cedar Knolls 1 though, not Parsippany.

This storm is definitely affecting data centers on the East Coast. Internap had to evacuate their data center at 75 Broad Street <> in NY. Apparently the floods have destroyed their diesel pumps and they only have 5-7 hours left before they run out of fuel.

Thanks for the info. I hope everyone is safe.

NAC just tweeted <> that Cedar Knolls 1 is on utility power and stable.

Again, I hope Linode's employees and their families are safe, and my thoughts go out to everyone who's affected. When you're watching from afar, it's easy to get distracted by things like data center uptime, but the true suffering is human suffering. With lives at risk, Internap made the right decision to evacuate 75 Broad.

I cloned our linode (currently offline) to Fremont just in case; if there are issues at Newark (where our primary backups are), we'll be able to get up and running at Fremont faster than we would be if we had to rebuild from our secondary data-only backups.

Looks like all of the NAC Data centers in NJ are on utility power now

From an article on…. … rs-online/">

"At our Cedar Knolls 1 facility we briefly transferred to generator around 7:10 p.m., then back to utility. We then force transferred to generator around 8 p.m. and stayed until this morning. We’ve returned to utility power and all systems are normal. Fuel trucks are stationed at our facilities as of noon yesterday, and remain. There has been no service interruption of any sort to any of our datacenter customers.”


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