Is the Mobile App protected from email whitelisting?


Upon recently using the Linode App with just 3G, I noticed I got an e-mail from Linode to whitelist it:

Someone has attempted to log into the Linode Manager using your username, from
an IP address (62.140.137.x) that is currently not on your whitelist. For more
information or to add this IP to your whitelist please follow this URL:

- Actually, I just tried it again using 3G and removing whitelist entries. This time I did -NOT- get en email from Linode to add the IP to the whitelist. Both times, without actually adding the IP to the whitelist I was able to view my Linodes, DNS manager, etc, (Disks/Jobs/stats/profiles/graphs). I haven't tried restarting from that interface but I was able to change the warning (CPU/IO) notifications. All of this while the IP was not whitelisted.

To me it seems this kind of defeats the purpose, if mobile devices/apps can bypass the whitelisting feature.


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