What kind of remote control is offered?

If I purchase a vps plan, what kind of remote control is available? I'm fairly new to VPS's, and there is no way I can get everything I need set up from only command line, I'm hoping there is some form of built in remote control for new installs? Or a tutorial on how to set up remote control via command line?

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there is no way I can get everything I need set up from only command line
And yet most people here manage EXACTLY that.

Perhaps an UNMANAGED VPS service is not what you're looking for if you need something more then the command line.

You can add whatever Control Panel you want to your VPS, but Control Panels all take up resources (so you need a bigger more expensive VPS) and some cost money.

The only real reason to have a control panel is if you're setting up a VPS to resell space, and the control panel allows YOUR clients to manage their bit of space on your VPS.

The Linode Libraries are Chock Full of tutorials on how to setup your VPS using nothing more then SSH.

Thanks for the attempt at a response, but I'm not using this vps as a web server, I need to install wine and mono on it, install a game through wine and run my game server from mono, I also need an ftp server running to get all of this accomplished. But from your lack of a real answer to my question I'm assuming there is no remote control built in, so good luck to all of you.

By default control panels won't be found with any unmanaged VPS provider. You're free to install them yourself, but they aren't provided.

You can use [Stackscripts[/url] to perhaps automate a part, or use the Linode Library for Tutorials

Also I'd suggest using sftp (ftp through SSH) over FTP, since FTP uses plain text for credentials.

Good luck.

bittiez, vonskippy answered your question perfectly and completely. Why the snark? At least he took the time to answer.

Linode is absolutely fantastic if you decide to go that way.

Good luck.


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