need HOWTOs on use of linodes.

from the website, linode can be used as so many purpose, is there anyone had the time to write a list of HOWTOs for the following?

Remote Backup Server

Use a Linode as a simple and effective way of providing remote backups for your important data

MP3 Server

Imagine all your MP3s available from anywhere in the world

File Server

Save files between work and home on your Linode, or make files accessible to the world

DNS Server

Use a Linode as a primary or secondary DNS Server for redundancy

Mail Server

Use a Linode as a primary or backup e-mail server for redundancy

Hotline server

Use a Linode to host Hotline community sites

BitTorrent Server

Host BitTorrent seeds on your Linode

Peer to Peer Network Node

Use other P2P software on your Linode

IRC Server

Set up a dedicated Internet Relay Chat server

Game Server

Host games on your Linode (check minimum requirements)

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You are not likely to find someone willing to write HOW-TOs for these things, as they are easy to find on the net if you just do some googling. Most of the tutorials would be software-specific anyway, based on the preferred choice of the author.

I recommend you check out The Linux Documentation Project at They have a number of handy HOW-TOs and tutorials, some of them new, some old, but most are helpful.

okay, maybe shall we compile a list of useful HOWTOs found from internet for the above topics?

sometimes it's not easy for us linux newbies to locate a correct document to read up…i admit there are quite lots of docs for each topic though, but which one is most updated?

i have spent past a few days alone just to setup apache and bind, still struggling now.

i should go local library and look for books also…

anyway, thanks for your kindly reply.

A lot of HOW-TOs and tutorials are also distro specific, and since some people have a preference of installing RPMs and the like, you have to find a tutorial for configuring software in that fashion.

If I were you, I would focus on one thing at a time. You said you're working on Apache and bind. Well, first get apache working properly, then tackle bind.

What kind of trouble are you having with apache? And what distro are you using?


MP3 Server

Imagine all your MP3s available from anywhere in the world

Imagine a bandwith bill that can only be represented with scientific notation, along with registered letters from RIAA. :-)

More seriously, there's nothing on your list that is Linode specific. As others have noted, is a good starting point, along with the appropriate website for the particular software in question.


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