Looking to do some exams - any recommendations?

I've got some free time over the next couple of months and thought that I'd use it to get some extra qualifications so I am looking at doing some exams but I have no idea which ones are considered worthwhile and which ones are not.

Ideally I'd like to do one on security and networking and one on programming (I'm not really fussed about the language but it would need to be doable on Linux since I don't use Windows any more). I've looked into doing CISSP but I don't have the required 5 years of professional experience so that one is out.

I'm aware of the fact that often these exams are not really well thought of but since it is free time it has got to be better than not doing them at all.

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to answer a question you didn't ask, coursera, edx and etc have tonnes of courses,

if you pass you get a cert, some count as credit towards a uni degree.

they are pretty fun, and rather addictive.

as for industry recognised certs, as well as asking here, maybe look at a job board? see what employers are asking for.

Hmm Coursera looks good. Thanks for the tip.


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